November, 26


    Venkatesan said that the researchers hope to program the vehicle so that it can make intelligent decisions based on the situation. The concept is to develop a vehicle capable of moving effortlessly on the sand, capable of transforming its shape in such a way that it can cross any dunes or rocky surfaces as a man would.
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    DRDO wants Start-ups to develop Long Range ROV (LROV) For UW Object Detection And Neutralization

    Under the Technology Development Fund of the Defense Ministry, the DRDO wants Indian start-ups for the development of long-range remotely operated vehicles (ROV) with a 1.5-2 km operational range for UW object detection activities.

    HAL joins the Navy and ICG to develop Maritime LUH.

    HAL will collaborate closely with the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard to develop a variant of the LUH to replace the outdated HAL Cheetah and HAL Chetak helicopters

    TEDBF: No Plans to develop an Air force version

    Officials of the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) confirmed at the recently concluded DefExpo in Gujrat that there are no plans to develop an Air force version of the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF)

    DRDO Photonic Radar: A new era of Indian Radar Technology

    DRDO is made significant progress in Photonic Radar. DRDO soon to realise the integrated Photonic Transmit Receive modules along with Photonic Distribution Network.

    The Indian Armed Forces will provide a Trial Clearance Certificate to accelerate exports.

    The Indian Tri-Service will issue Trial Clearance Certification to private sector companies that supplied their weapon systems for user trials.

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