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HAL working on a 4.2kN turbojet engine

HAL working on a 4.2kN turbojet engine

The Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) is creating an updated remotely piloted high-speed target drone system, while Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has started work on developing a 4.2kN class turbojet engine, which is an upgraded PTAE-7 turbojet engine.

The 3.43 kN, 65 kg, single-spool PTAE-7 turbofan engine was created in the 1980s. New turbine blades, a better digital electronic fuel control system, hardened compressor sections, and—most importantly—a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system will all be added to the upgraded PTAE-7 turbojet engine to give it the best performance and control possible, as one would expect from a contemporary turbojet engine.

To power the CATS Warrior in twin engine configuration with chevron exhaust, HAL may use a 4.2kN turbojet engine.

Redesigned CATS Warrior and CATS HALE?

Pic: HAL CATS Warrior

Group Captain (Retd) Harsh Vardhan Thakur, head of India’s experimental test programme at state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), has recently posted a new digital rendering of what appears to be a redesigned CATS Warrior and CATS HALE that HAL is working on with Indian startup NewSpace Research and Technologies (NRT).

The CATS Warrior Air Intakes appear to have undergone significant revisions since the initial mock-up that was on show at Aero India. A thinner air inlet duct is now visible on top of the fuselage of the CATS Warrior, which was previously depicted with conventional air inlets. The redesign of CATS Warrior was highlighted by in a previous report, and this new rendering might be emphasising those improvements.

In missions over contested airspace, CATS Warrior is equipped with NG-CCM, also known as an ASRAAM Close Combat Missile, which can be employed to protect Mothership (TejasMaX) or any other manned fighter jet that is a part of the formation. The HAL PTAE-7 turbofan in a twin-engine configuration with a chevron exhaust will power the CATS Warrior.

A high-speed, high-altitude unmanned combat aircraft vehicle called CATS HALE is capable of carrying out time-sensitive striking operations over land or water as well as wide-area surveillance missions. Although HAL has provided very few data about its specifications, it is anticipated that one HTFE-25 engine will be used to propel the vehicle, which is projected to have an All-up weight (AUW) of roughly 5 tonnes.

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