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MDL developing Midget Submarine MS-X02A for the Navy’s Special Forces.

MDL developing the Midget Submarine MS-X02A for the Navy's Special Forces.

MS-X02A, Midget Submarine is being developed by Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd (MDL) as a stealth-based platform with minimum acoustic and electromagnetic indications for leg operations. MS-X02A will acquire cutting-edge SONAR, GPS, Inertial Navigation System, and Communication technologies.

MS-X02A will assist both ship-launched and independent clandestine military operations in shallow and deep waters. Midget Submarines of the MS-X02A type are utilised for maritime tasks such as infiltrating combat swimmers into an enemy port and placing limpet mines on the hulls of target vessels. They are also employed to perform missions on land by landing combat swimmer teams discreetly on hostile shorelines.

Midget Submarines of the MS-X02A type frequently transport a pilot, co-pilot, combat swimmer team, and their equipment, between maritime mission objectives on land or at sea. Pilots and co-pilots are frequently members of the swimming team.

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