February, 8

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    SES launches advanced broadband satellites as military demand grows

    Satellite communications firm SES on Friday launched two Boeing-built broadband satellites meant to deliver advanced communications to government and commercial customers.

    Navy inducts sea-based Loitering munitions

    the Indian Navy has implemented a variety of niche technologies, including land- and sea-based loitering munitions to improve targeting capabilities.

    Know How: If India wants, Agni-5 missiles can now strike targets beyond 7,000 kms

    The weight reduction that has been achieved in the missile system is beyond 20 per cent and if the government wants, the nuclear-capable strategic missile can go beyond 7,000 kms,"

    General Atomics offers ToT for Niche tech of MQ-9B UAVs to India

    American General Atomics has offered some of the niche technology of the MQ-9B UAVs to India if India goes ahead with orders for 30 units of the new generation of multi-domain remotely piloted aircraft if the pending $ 3 billion deal is cleared by India for its Armed Forces.

    India’s Heron UAVs to get Israeli Nimrod standoff strike ASM

    The Nimrod is a long-range air-to-surface missile developed by Israel Aerospace Industries. The Heron is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial system (UAS) Globally operated for customers worldwide in both strategic and tactical missions.

    ISRO Launches 177 Foreign Satellites In Last Five Years, Earns Over Rs 1,100 Crore In Forex

    ISRO through its commercial arms has successfully launched 177 foreign satellites belonging to 19 countries during the last five years.

    Indian waits for the test of the Mystery Long rage Ballistic missile

    India is likely to test a Ballistic missile that has a NOTAM of 5400 km. Speculations are that it will be an upgraded variant of the Agni-V. The missile will splash around the south of Australia furthest ever any Indian missile has such a long splash point.

    Germany clinches $8 billion purchase of 35 F-35 aircraft from the US

    German government leaders on Wednesday announced a deal to buy 35 F-35 fighter jets from the United States, a package pegged at $8.4 billion by the Pentagon in its offer from the summer.

    Tejas Mk-II: ADA/HAL expects Bulk orders to maintain high production rates

    IAF has committed to procure six squadrons of Tejas Mk2 (108-120) but IAF in total might procure 9 to 10 squadrons (210) units. It will take nearly 10 years till the 2030s before the last aircraft is delivered to the IAF.