March, 26

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    Indian Army issues RFI for Aerial Targeting system and Loitering munitions

    The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure Quantity 10 (Ten) sets of Aerial Targeting Systems (Extended Range) along with 120 (One Hundred Twenty) Loiter Munitions.

    HAL working on two bigger sub-scale prototypes of HAPS

    HAPS will be utilised to provide troops with live video feeds and photos for intelligence, surveillance, and communication purposes.

    TEDBF: No Plans to develop an Air force version

    Officials of the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) confirmed at the recently concluded DefExpo in Gujrat that there are no plans to develop an Air force version of the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF)

    Hyderabad: Dhruva Space to launch its communication satellites Thybolt 1 & 2

    Dhruva Space is waiting in the wings to launch two of its communications satellites into orbital space next week.

    DRDO Photonic Radar: A new era of Indian Radar Technology

    DRDO is made significant progress in Photonic Radar. DRDO soon to realise the integrated Photonic Transmit Receive modules along with Photonic Distribution Network.

    Agnikul to test launch its rocket in December; plans to raise $20 m

    The test will be at sub-orbital level of 50 to 60 km from the Earth while the rocket has capability to reach up to 600 km

    ISRO successfully conducts integrated airdrop test for Gaganyaan

    The IMAT test is the first in a series of integrated parachute airdrop tests. The Gaganyaan deceleration system consists of three main parachutes

    The Indian Armed Forces will provide a Trial Clearance Certificate to accelerate exports.

    The Indian Tri-Service will issue Trial Clearance Certification to private sector companies that supplied their weapon systems for user trials.

    India planning hyper scale data centre’s for Armed forces Data

    The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) plans to establish the National Government Cloud. This will store sensitive data such as government and defense-related data locally. Existing hyperscalers could be targeted for this, as they have experience and expertise on a large scale.