Ambitious Objective: 

Chandrayaan 3 aims to land a lunar rover and bring back soil samples to Earth.

Collaboration with Japan: 

ISRO partners with JAXA to develop a joint lunar lander. 

Landing Precision:  

Chandrayaan 3 targets the lunar south pole for potential water ice exploration.

Homegrown Rover: 

The indigenous rover showcases India's space technology expertise. 

Compact and Agile: 

Weighing 30 kilograms, the rover analyzes lunar soil composition. 

Rover's Unique Payload: 

Chandrayaan 3 carries a drilling system to collect samples from up to two meters below the surface. 

Dual Communication Strategy:  

The mission uses direct-to-Earth and relay communication systems. 

Cost-Effective Approach: 

Chandrayaan 3 optimizes costs without compromising scientific objectives. 

Extended Mission Duration: 

Chandrayaan 3 is designed for up to one year of exploration. 

Lunar Night Survival:  

The rover has a nuclear-powered heating system for lunar night conditions.