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IIT Jodhpur developing AI-Powered Robotics for Desert Warfare for Indian Army

A team lead by Professor C Venkatesan of the mechanical engineering department at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur is developing an all-terrain vehicle powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that is specifically suited for deserts like those in western Rajasthan.

According to Venkatesan, the researchers intend to design the vehicle to make intelligent decisions based on the circumstances. The objective is to create a vehicle that can traverse sand dunes and rugged terrain as easily as a person.

Venkatesan verified that a comprehensive presentation was made to DRDO and that they are on board with the initiative and have requested a comprehensive proposal. “The automobile will be relatively small. This will be decided at a later date.” This concept would be implemented utilising sensors, artificial intelligence, robots, and other relevant technologies, he stated.

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