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The Indian Army will purchase 36 tactical engagement simulators for special training of soldiers.

Indian Army will purchase 36 tactical engagement simulators for special training of soldiers

Significantly, the Indian Army intends to acquire 36 tactical engagement simulators (TES) for training newly inducted Agniveers. According to sources, the tactical combat simulators would feature body harnesses, helmets, laser units, sensor units, display units, umpire weapons, exercise control and communication systems. Specifically, the TES is an advanced firearm training system.

On December 1, the Indian Army will post a request for proposal for the purchase of 36 simulators.

During operational exercises, the simulator teaches soldiers how to apply the abilities acquired during training in field craft, battle drills, and live-fire practise.

How Tactical Engagement Simulator (TES) works?

The simulator integrates lasers fired from various weapon systems and efficiently documents the engagement’s outcome. This combat simulator is transparent and brings soldiers as near as possible to the reality of real conflict. It permits the actual/simulated usage of personal weapons, Battalion-support weapons, and all main combat firing weapon systems. In defined areas, it replicates artillery fire and minefield as an optional feature.

The system is integrated with GPS, a control unit, and a communication module, and uses harness sets for both humans and machines. The alarm device is activated upon impact, and its sound varies according on the severity of the injury or damage. In the event of a kill, it deactivates the set harness and reports the damage. It allows for resets. Commanders have the initiative.

The Information is recorded, compiled, and analysed by the Exercise Control Centre. Tactical Engagement Simulator is fully integrated with all elements and controls Battalion/Region/Brigade-level tactical battles. It enables briefing and debriefing, operation planning, terrain analysis, force employment or assessment, data collection, event recording, and performance evaluation.

Who are users of Tactical Engagement Simulator (TES)?

It is perfect for Commando Units, Special Operation Groups, Special Task Forces, Special Forces, Training Centers, Armed Police Battalions, and all Law Enforcement Agencies. It permits training in near-realistic circumstances and cohesive training of large numbers of personnel in perfect secrecy.

What are the Key Features of Tactical Engagement Simulator (TES)?


Indoor Tracking System

Tactical Simulator with ITS is meant to suit the training needs of forces charged with physically intervening against enemies/terrorists operating in urbanised areas/buildings.

The system is similar to the outdoor Tactical Engagement Simulator, but with added capabilities that allow it to function indoors, where GPS does not function. Realistically conducting a two-sided tactical conflict in accordance with operational battle training is possible.

All movements and actions occurring within a room/building are captured and transferred to the Exercise Control Centre (Excon) as 3D/2D pictures and/or live video footage in near-real time. The system provides a realistic tactical training environment, monitors and records all occurrences for on-the-spot evaluation or After Action Review, and gives real-time feedback and analysis (AAR).

Key Features:


Source: Zen Technologies Limited

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