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    Securing Artificial Intelligence: Safeguarding the Future of AI Systems

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems have become increasingly sophisticated and pervasive, playing crucial roles in various domains. However, as AI technology advances, it is essential...

    With 200+ F-16 Vipers, Taiwan ‘Muscling Up’ Its Air Force But Is Woefully Short Of Pilots To Counter Chinese PLAAF

    In August 2022, Taiwan flaunted its most advanced fighter jet, F-16 Viper, in a rare nighttime demonstration in what appeared to be a stern response to China’s unprecedented drills that lasted for several days.

    US Gets Access To 9 Military Bases In The Philippines; China Warns Manila Of Being ‘Dragged Into Troubled Waters’

    With the US military steadily securing expanded access to critical military sites in the Philippines, China has warned this could lead to the Philippines being taken advantage of and dragged into troubled waters.

    How to re-engine a B-52 and make a new bomber fleet

    Rolls-Royce and Boeing are working on a major upgrade to the service’s fleet of 76 Cold War-era B-52 Stratofortresses that will give them a new slate of F130 engines and keep them flying into the 2050s, alongside at least 100 B-21s.

    Ukraine war: The Christmas ceasefire that wasn’t

    Outgoing tank fire tell you you're getting close to one of the most active parts of the front line in the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine

    Pentagon racing to restore US superiority in hypersonics

    the high-speed vehicle designed to travel at speeds of at least Mach 5 was dropped from under the wing of a B-52 bomber flying over the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Pilot Scott Crossfield carried the aircraft to an altitude of 52,341 feet and reached a peak speed of Mach 2.11.

    Russia’s hypersonic Zircon missile-armed ship to patrol global seas

    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday sent a frigate armed with the country’s latest Zircon hypersonic missile on a trans-ocean cruise in a show of force as tensions with the West escalate over the war in Ukraine.

    Rafael upgrades Spyder system to counter tactical ballistic missiles

    The Spyder air defense system can now counter tactical ballistic missiles thanks to an upgrade by its Israeli manufacturer, driven by “urgent operational requests from several existing customers throughout the world.”

    New Year Attacks Targeted Ukraine’s Drone Production, Says Russia

    Russia's defence ministry said a strike hit facilities of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine which is involved in the drone production

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