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    Russia is reportedly attempting to retrieve the MQ-9 Reaper drone that ‘collided’ with a Russian Su-27 aircraft and was forced to crash into the Black Sea.
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    Robots On Water! US Navy Wants 250 ‘Sailor-Less Ships’ To Support Its Naval Fleet To Counter China In Its Backyard

    Building and operating a hybrid fleet in the Indo-Pacific Region to meet the Chinese challenge are becoming essential goals for the US Navy.

    Russian General Threatens To Use Poseidon Nuclear Torpedo To ‘Sink’ The UK If NATO Sets Foot In Ukraine

    A former Russian general has urged President Vladimir Putin to use an underwater nuclear weapon to destroy Britain with a 1,000-foot-high radioactive wave if NATO forces set foot in Ukraine. 

    China Can ‘Cripple’ The US Navy In Western Pacific Exactly Like Ukraine Did To Russia In Kherson: Analysis

    Logistics and sustainment in ‘long wars’ with a peer adversary have again caught the imagination of military planners. This possibly indicates the US is preparing to clash with China in the Western Pacific.

    Russian Navy ‘Crippled’ In Ukraine War; Top US Military Official Says Kyiv Effectively Using Weapons ‘We Provided Them’

    While the conflict in Ukraine has been chiefly fought on land and in the skies, a few hostilities also played out in the naval domain.

    From A Slave To War Hero: US Names Its Ticonderoga-Class Warship After 1st Afro-American Captain In US Navy

    The US Navy named one of its Ticonderoga-Class cruisers after a former slave Robert Smalls, who broke away from the shackles of confederate slavery and went on to script history as a war hero in the American Civil War.

    Has Iran Armed Moscow With ‘Drone Boats’ That Russia Allegedly Used To Strike Critical Ukrainian Bridge?

    Russia seems to have taken a leaf out of Ukraine’s book and adopted the use of unmanned vessels for attacking Ukrainian positions if recent reports are to be believed.

    Taiwan Is Deploying ‘Cheap’ Minelayers & Their Mines With US Help To Target ‘Expensive’ Chinese Warships

    Many in Taiwan and their supporters in the strategic community in the United States seem to favor applying one lesson learned from the ongoing war in Ukraine against China to thwart its aggressive designs on the island nation. That makes the Chinese invasion very difficult and expensive by mining its warships in the Taiwan Strait.

    US Navy Warship ‘Seized’ By North Korea During Intelligence Gathering Mission Must Be Returned: US Lawmaker

    A US lawmaker has introduced a resolution calling for the return of a US Navy ship seized by North Korea 55 years ago.

    Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine (KMGT) is 25% more powerful than its equivariant: DRDO Chief

    Kaveri Marine Gas Turbine (KMGT) has demonstrated 12MW rated power under Indian sea conditions. This is equivalent to about 16MW under International Standard Atmospheric (ISA) conditions.

    British Royal Marines ‘ambush’ American troops on Hawaii

    Under the cover of darkness Royal Marines carried out ambushes in the rainforests of Hawaiian paradise island Oahu during intensive jungle exercises with the US Marine Corps.

    Australia To Buy ‘Smart Sea Mines’ In Billion Dollar Deal That Can Differentiate Between Military & Civilian Ships

    The government will spend up to $1 billion on procuring high-tech underwater weapons. The steps are meant to deter China and other potential rivals from sending ships and submarines into Australia's waterways. Sea mines can discriminate between military targets and other ships,  distinguishing them from indiscriminate land mines.

    Fifth Kalvari class submarine ‘Vagir’ to be commissioned into Indian Navy on Jan 23

    Indian Navy to commission fifth Kalvari class submarine named 'Vagir' on January 23, 2023. Chief of the Naval Staff, Adm R Hari Kumar, Chief Guest for ceremony. These submarines are being built in India by Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) Mumbai.

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