March, 21


    On March 20, Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR) claimed that an explosion in the Crimean city of Dzhankoi destroyed “multiple” Russian Kalibr cruise missiles as they were being transported by rail. 
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    ‘Assault On Taiwan Has Begun’: US Links Taiwan To Ukraine, Says US Cyber Forces Must Be Ready For War With China

    The near-consensus in the US is that the Chinese balloon that it shot down off the coast of South Carolina was spying and collecting sensitive information on US communication systems and radars.

    Robot turns itself to liquid to escape cage and then reforms just like in Terminator 2

    Researchers from America's Carnegie Mellon University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong have created a robot that can shape-shift. The robot can melt into a liquid form to move through bars, then return to its solid state once it's freed. It could be used for medical purposes in the future.

    IIT-Madras Incubated Firm Develops Indigenous Mobile Operating System ‘BharOS’

    An IIT Madras-incubated firm has developed an indigenous mobile operating system called ‘BharOS’, officials said on Thursday.


    Semiconductor chips have gained huge importance in the global economy. The US and China are desperately trying to conquer the chip market.

    Dell Inc to Reduce Dependence on Chinese Chips Amid China, US Rivalry: Report

    US computer maker Dell Inc. has decided to reduce its dependence on Chinese chips due to the increased rivalry between the two countries.

    US Army rolls out Google collaboration suite to 180,000-plus personnel

    The U.S. Army has provided Google Workspace, the search-and-software giant's collaboration suite, to more than 180,000 personnel.

    How Biden’s microchip semiconductors ban is curbing China’s AI weapons efforts

    Congress also banned U.S. defense companies from using Chinese semiconductors in critical weapons systems. China has the largest number of the world's most powerful supercomputers.

    DRDO working on Robots who can move with Foot Soldiers

    DRDO’s Pune-based Research and Development Establishments are working to develop robots that can help relieve physical strain on troops during operations

    IISc researchers build a platform for energy-efficient computing

    The CeNSE at IISc has developed a framework for energy-efficient computing that holds promise for the development of next-generation electronic devices. Researchers were able to reduce the amount of components required in a circuit, thereby significantly enhancing its speed and efficiency.

    India planning hyper scale data centre’s for Armed forces Data

    The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) plans to establish the National Government Cloud. This will store sensitive data such as government and defense-related data locally. Existing hyperscalers could be targeted for this, as they have experience and expertise on a large scale.

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