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    Russia is reportedly attempting to retrieve the MQ-9 Reaper drone that ‘collided’ with a Russian Su-27 aircraft and was forced to crash into the Black Sea.
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    Russian ‘Combat Robots’ Undergo ‘Baptism Of Fire’ As Soldiers Use Them To Attack Tricky Ukrainian Positions

    Russian fighters have managed to assemble two makeshift armed unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) to take on Ukrainian infantry and hardened positions in the east. Videos on various Telegram groups show two crudely designed yet highly effective UGVs with heavy machine guns being tested.

    Ukraine ‘Nervous’ As Russia’s Energy Giant Gazprom Announces New Private Military ‘Staff Center’ To Protect Assets

    Gazprom Neft, the Russian energy giant, has been allowed to form its army, according to an order by Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mistushin.

    Ukraine Claims ‘First Kill’ Of Russia’s Terminator BMPT That Wreaked Havoc On Its Military; Releases Video

    Russia’s cutting-edge tank support vehicle, the BMPT-72 Terminator, which has displayed an exhilarating combat performance against Ukraine, was finally obliterated by Ukraine’s Armed Forces, according to reports. 

    ‘Invisible Fighters’: Russia Is Developing Camouflage Units To Make Its Soldiers Undetectable To Thermal Imagers

    Russia is reportedly working on a camouflage kit that will make its fighters invisible to thermal imagers and, by changing its color, will enable them to blend in with the terrain.

    1st Batch Of Russia’s ‘Killer Robots’ Marker Arrives In Donbas To ‘Strike’ Ukraine’s Abrams & Leopard-2 Tanks

    The first batch of Marker combat robots arrived in Ukraine days after Russian former space boss Dmitry Rogozin wrote on his Telegram Channel that the combat robot would undergo a “baptism of fire” on the battlefields in Eastern Ukraine.

    Russia Reminds Germany Of Battle Of Stalingrad; Says Its Leopard Tanks Will Burn Like ‘Tigers’ & ‘Panthers’

    Leopard tanks dispatched by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to battle Russia would suffer the same fate that the "Tigers" did eighty years ago.

    10 Million For Each Abrams! Russia Announces ‘Big Rewards’ On Seizing Or Destroying Western Equipment

    As Ukraine is expected to receive Western tanks in the coming months, Russian companies have reportedly stated that soldiers who destroy an American Abrams tank will be rewarded with millions of dollars.  

    ‘Blatant Provocation’: Russia Warns Of Devastation If US Supplied M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks To Ukraine

    Western media speculates that US President Joe Biden may soon announce a transfer of Abrams tanks to Kyiv amid calls for cutting-edge Western tanks in Ukraine. However, Russia has already sent a stern warning against any such adventurism.

    Why Russian Military Ops In Ukraine Could End Before The Arrival Of US Abrams, German Leopard & British Challenger Tanks

    US President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced 31 Abrams tanks for Ukraine while German Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared his country would send 14 Leopard 2 tanks.

    China’s Super Soldier ‘Augmented Reality’ Headset & Corner Shot Weapon Surfaces; Can It Better US Tech?

    China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers were seen using a wearable heads-up display and shooting their rifles around corners by accessing the sighting system view on their visors, in a different form of a ‘corner shot’ system.

    Amounting To Nuclear War! Russia Warns Against Use Of ‘Dirty Bomb’ That Even The US Has Discontinued

    Other Russian officials have raised the risk of irreversible health impacts like cancer and ecological damage such rounds may trigger – sharing the concern...

    How To Kill An Abrams! Russian ‘Experts’ Issue A Guidebook On Where & How To Destroy The US Main Battle Tank

    In the diagram, there are many instructions, with the first one recommending hitting at guidance systems or the tank’s main gun with small arms or/and machine guns.

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