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    a Miniature Air-Launched Decoy (MALD), which will meet requirements for all fighters, is not easy for two reasons. First, the fighter must carry the MALD, thus occupying one hot point and reducing the weapon load-carrying capability of the combat jet. Second, the launch of MALD cannot be done arbitrarily.
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    India’s Road To ‘Super Power’ Status: Why Anti-Satellite Missiles, Conventional Nukes Are Critical For Delhi’s Fortunes

    2047 will be a landmark year in the Indian calendar. India would be completing 100 years since attaining independence from the British regime.

    Ukraine ‘Invites’ US Defense Firms To Test Their Weapons In Active Conflict Zone; Says Must Resist Russian EW Attacks

    Ukrainian special operators asked US defense firms to send their military equipment, including drones, that can resist Russian electromagnetic warfare attacks so that Kyiv could test them against Russian forces.

    India Looks To Diffuse Russia-Ukraine, China-Taiwan & Iran-Israel Tensions; Emerge As A Diplomatic Superpower

    The US decision to join the Second World War led to an open confrontation between the USA and the USSR. The partition of Berlin resolved the issue temporarily, but the USA and then USSR decided to bury the hatchet and maintain an uneasy peace.

    Doubling The ‘Size Of Nukes’, How Both US & Russia Can Wreak Havoc In The Absence Of New START

    Now that the New START is in limbo following Russia’s self-imposed suspension, what will be the status of the world’s nuclear forces in general and that of Russia and the United States in particular?  

    Ukraine Showcases Its Indigenously-Built RAM II Loitering Munition At IDEX 2023, Close To The Russian Stall

    Both Russian and Ukrainian corporations are displaying their weaponry close to one another at the IDEX and NAVDEX exhibitions for the first time since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    Ukraine: 400,000 Killed, Millions Displaced & Low Birth Rate: Ex-Trump Adviser Blames US For ‘Killing A Nation’

    A US-based military and strategic affairs analyst has questioned President Joe Biden’s move to send main battle tanks (MBT) to Ukraine and raised the alarm over the possible transfer of fighter jets.

    Russia Highlights 6 ‘Deadly Weapons’ From Ukraine War That Are In High Demand From Global Customers

    Russia’s state-run defense firm Rosoboronexport announced at the Aero India 2023 that the Russian defense companies were all set to sign new export contracts despite the ongoing Ukraine war. 

    How Dangerous Are China’s CCTV Cameras? Expert Says It Boosts PLA’s Precision Missile Strike Capability

    Australia’s Defense Department has decided to remove Chinese-made surveillance cameras from its offices over national security fears. It comes after an audit found 900 pieces of surveillance equipment were built by companies partly owned by the Chinese government.

    US Gets Access To 9 Military Bases In The Philippines; China Warns Manila Of Being ‘Dragged Into Troubled Waters’

    With the US military steadily securing expanded access to critical military sites in the Philippines, China has warned this could lead to the Philippines being taken advantage of and dragged into troubled waters.

    ‘Aim For The Head’: US-China War In 2025 After Taiwan’s Presidential Elections; US Air Force General Says ‘Get Ready’

    The head of the USAF’s Air Mobility Command (AMC), General Mike Minihan, issued a two-page internal memo, which has emerged on social media, in which he predicts that the U.S. will be at war with China in 2025.

    $108B Not Enough! Germany Says Its Defense Budget Insufficient To Overhaul Military Amid Russia-Ukraine War

    Boris Pistorius has made alarming observations about Berlin's defense spending. New Defense Minister says special fund of 100 billion euros ($108.5 billion) won't be enough to modernize Bundeswehr.

    Threat Of Chinese ‘Acquisition’ Of US Nuclear Tech Worries Washington As The World Moves Towards ‘Third Nuclear Age’

    The Report of the US Congressional Research Service is much more elaborate on the Chinese role in spreading nuclear proliferation, particularly its lack of transparency and double standards.

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