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    In 2022, India conducted 38 missiles tests, 3 were new missiles

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    DRDO and the Indian Armed forces had a busy 2020, as many as 39 missile tests were carried out in 11 months with only one month break taken in July due to monsoon season in the missile sites in the eastern coastlines.

    12 of these tests were of BrahMos ER or A variants with extended range and most others were tested as part of the user trials of the Indian Army and Strategic Forces Command (SFC).

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    2022 also tests 3 new missile systems that included NASM–SR or Naval Anti-Ship Missile–Short Range, a helicopter-launched anti-ship missile with a 380 kg projectile with a maximum range of 55 km.

    Very Short-Range Air Defence System (VSHORADS), a Man Portable Air Defence System (MANPAD) system was also tested which has a range of 6kms and has a Dual waveband infra-red seeker, more tests are planned in 2023.

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    The first missile of the phase 2 development programme of the Ballistic Missile Defence shield called AD-1 has been tested for the first time this year and more tests are planned in 2023.

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