March, 25

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    US Air Force Testing MUTANT Missiles That Can ‘Twist & Tweak’ & Strike Highly Maneuverable Aerial Targets

    US Air Force is reportedly testing ‘MUTANT’ Missiles capable of twisting in flight to hit highly-maneuverable targets accurately, increasing the chance of landing a hit in air-to-air combat. 

    Ukraine Uses ‘Cardboard Drones’ To Attack Russia; ‘Origami Of Death’ Is Assembled Using Glue, Rubber Bands

    Ukrainian armed forces are using drones made out of cardboard and rubber bands to fight the Russian Army. At least 100 of these cheap drones, produced by an Australian company SYPAQ, are being supplied to Ukraine monthly in flatpack form.

    Unprecedented Attack! Russia Conducts ‘Hypersonic Rain’ On Ukraine; Uses Bombers, Fighters, Warships & Drones For Strikes

    On March 9, Moscow conducted a massive missile attack on Ukraine, employing 81 missiles of various types, including Kinzal hypersonic missiles.

    US Air Force eyes fleet of 1,000 drone wingmen as planning accelerates

    The Air Force is ramping up plans for incorporating drone wingmen into its fleet, and envisions 1,000 of the so-called collaborative combat aircraft in service as it sketches out ideas.

    First Order! US Air Force’s Special Ops Command Buys Next-Gen, Remotely Piloted MQ-9B Sky Guardian UAS

    The General Atomics next-generation remotely piloted aircraft MQ-9B Sky Guardian has finally found its first customer in the US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

    Ukraine Vows To Hunt Down Russians Who Killed An Unarmed Soldier Smoking A Cigarette In His Trench

    A video recently went viral on social media showing an unarmed Ukrainian soldier being shot by Russians from a close range using automatic weapons.

    Saudi Arabia To ‘Join’ UK-Led 6th-Gen Fighter Jet Program; London Says KSA Pursuing Future Cooperation

    On March 1, Saudi Arabia announced that it would participate in the UK-led Future Combat Air System (FCAS) project as part of a new military agreement with Britain. 

    US To Hold ‘Mega Military Drills’ In Asia Pacific; Aims To Send Stern Message To Rivals & Restore Its Lost Credibility

    The United States seems to be shoring up its eroding credibility in long-time ally South Korea (ROK) by intensifying bilateral military drills through air, land, sea, space, cyber, and special operations and improving upon tactics, techniques, and procedures.

    China Can ‘Cripple’ The US Navy In Western Pacific Exactly Like Ukraine Did To Russia In Kherson: Analysis

    Logistics and sustainment in ‘long wars’ with a peer adversary have again caught the imagination of military planners. This possibly indicates the US is preparing to clash with China in the Western Pacific.