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    Russia claims that the UK became wealthier at the expense of India and exploited Indians during colonial rule.

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    Russia’s Foreign Ministry stated on Saturday that Britain’s colonial policies caused “real damage to the people of India” and resulted in millions of deaths.

    More than 100 million Indians “fell victim” to London’s draconian policies while it ruled the country from 1880 to 1920, according to Russia, who added that this period was the “peak of British colonial rule in India,” bringing misery and suffering to the Indian population.

    The statistics cited in a scholarly study published by economic anthropologists Jason Hickel and Dylan Sullivan were refuted by Russia’s Foreign Ministry.

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    It accused its adversary, the United Kingdom, of looting and plundering India during its rule and chastised Winston Churchill’s colonial policies in India at the time.

    Between 1880 and 1920, approximately 165 million people died in India, while Britain stole trillions of dollars from the country, according to a statement published on Telegram and the Kremlin’s official website.

    It slammed the alleged “positive impact” of British colonial rule in Asia hurled at social media by pro-Western analysts.

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