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    STAR WARS! Russia-Ukraine Conflict Is World’s 1st Commercial Space War As Moscow’s EW Tries To Cripple Ukraine

    The Russia-Ukraine war is the most significant space-related development since 2022, given the wide-ranging use of space-based assets by both the warring sides.

    ‘Monster Power’! Eurofighter Typhoons Can Now ‘Jam The Jammers’

    The British Royal Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon fleet has inched closer to acquiring the powerful European Common Radar Architecture (ECRA) Mk.2 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars.

    Italy reveals plans for converting Gulfstream jets

    The Italian Air Force plans to convert two Gulfstream jets into electronic attack Compass Call variants, with an option for a third.

    Russia Overestimates Its Su-35 Fighters; Ex-F-16 Pilot Says Moscow Using ‘Identical’ Tactics In Air As They Do On Ground

    As the Russia-Ukraine war rages on and former F-16 pilot taking a dig at Su-35 jets, the US Air Force’s F-16 Fighting Falcons stationed in South Korea have begun receiving critical upgrades to their radar and avionics systems to improve their operational capabilities. 

    Russia Masters Destroying HIMARS Rockets & Launchers Using ‘Deadly Trio’ Of S-300, Buk Missiles & Glide Bombs

    Russian forces are achieving greater success in shooting down HIMARS rockets with coordinated use of S-300 and Buk AD systems and striking more HIMARS launchers using satellite-guided glide bombs.

    Ukraine War: Russia Says 45% Of NATO Artillery, Inc M777s, Single-Handedly Destroyed By Lancet-3 Kamikaze Drones

    Russian Lancet-3 kamikaze drones destroyed nearly 45 percent of towed and self-propelled artillery guns from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since the beginning of the war in February 2022.

    ‘Silent Invasion’: How China’s Greatest Covert Operation Fooled The US, Stunned Australia & Shocked The World

    The democratic world is bracing for the possibility of Communist China emerging as a global superpower dislodging the United States to take the top slot or at least rise as one of the two poles in geopolitics.

    Capable Of ‘Wrecking’ 50% Of China’s Navy, Taiwan Wants Faster Delivery Of Harpoon Missiles To Thwart PLA’s Plan

    In a boost to Taiwan’s military capabilities, the island nation is set to receive all of its purchased Harpoon missiles before 2029.

    Inspired By US Tech & Powered By Russian Engines, China ‘Unveils’ Y-20B Aircraft With Indigenous WS-20 Engines

    A video has surfaced featuring the latest version of China’s Xi’an Y-20 military transport aircraft, the Y-20B, equipped with the homegrown WS-20 engine.

    Russia ‘Stuns’ Ukraine With 1.5 Ton Heavy-Duty Bombs; Air Force Says ‘No Capability’ To Challenge Smart Bombs

    As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine rages, the Ukrainian Air Force has reportedly complained that they have no answer to Russian 1.5-ton bombs.

    Ukraine Unleashes ‘Blood Sucker’ On Russian Military; Kyiv Shares Video Of Czech RM-70 Vampir MLRS

    Ukrainian defense forces have recently shared a video showcasing the deployment of the Czech-made RM-70 Vampir multiple rocket launcher system, nicknamed “Bloodsucker” by Ukrainian troops. 

    US ‘Swarm Of Satellites’ Can Exhaust Russian, Chinese ASAT Missiles; Help To Track Hypersonic Weapons

    The US aims to overwhelm Russian and Chinese anti-satellite weapons with the Space Development Agency’s (SDA) 500 communications, data transfer, and missile tracking satellites.

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