Chandrayaan-3 made a soft landing on the moon on August 23, scripting history and becoming only the fourth country to do so. India’s solar mission Aditya L1 was launched on September 2 this year
Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Friday (November 10) said that even the United States and Russia are eagerly awaiting for India to share information on Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L1 while also crediting the success of these projects to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy of “unlocking the space sector” through public-private partnerships. Singh stressed that India’s lunar and solar missions symbolise the country’s fast-growing development. “Our missions started almost simultaneously. Chandrayaan-3’s notable aspect was its landing on the southern pole (of the moon), an untouched region. We are gathering crucial data on the atmosphere, minerals and thermal conditions, and analysing the findings”, he said.
The Minister said that there is a keen anticipation for India to share information on the projects among the countries especially the US and Russia, who embarked on this journey much before India.
“The US made the first landing of a human on the moon in 1969. But it was our Chandrayaan-3 that brought evidence of the existence of water (on moon) — the H2O molecule. It suggests the possibility for life (there). It is a significant area for investigation,” he said.
Singh said even the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is seeking India’s support now. “The US and Russia eagerly await India’s sharing of information on it,” he said.
Minister Hails PM Modi
“The Aditya mission has begun sending film. It is scheduled to commence work in January. It has garnered significant media coverage, with 10,000 people witnessing its launch at Sriharikota (in Andhra Pradesh),” the minister said.
He said that PM Modi’s initiative opened up Sriharikota and the ISRO for public-private partnerships, opening over 150 startups in the space sector.
“During the last three to four years, we have had more than 150 startups in the space sector. Some have already become entrepreneurs,” he added.
Thanks to this, talented youngsters, who were previously compelled to seek opportunities abroad, are now flourishing in the space sector domestically, Singh said.
“Youngsters used to leave the country because they did not have any opportunity here despite their specialisation in the field. Modiji unlocked the space sector,” he said.