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    We can be trusted partners of jet engine development : Rolls Royce to India

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    Following the conclusion of a partnership with Japan in the development of a 6th generation fighter jet to be led by the United Kingdom and Italy, Rolls Royce officials who will be working on a new engine for the programme stated that the company is eager to collaborate with India in the development of a new engine for its AMCA 5th generation fighter jet programme.

    Officials from Rolls-Royce stated that the recent trilateral agreement for the development of a new fighter jet and a new engine for the programme demonstrates that the company can work in joint ventures with countries such as India and be trusted partners in engine development.

    ALSO READ: GE seeks US clearance for the transfer of jet engine technology to India.

    Rolls Royce, which is in talks with India about developing a new 110Kn jet engine, has offered Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and 100% Transfer of Technology (ToT) after archrival General Electric announced plans to begin local production of its GE F14 engines in India under ToT and Licensing agreements with State-owned HAL.

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