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    ZMotion to supply Army and Air Force Trinetra Loitering munition

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    ZMotion Autonomous System Pvt ltd, a company backed by Solar Industrial Explosives will be supplying a small number of sample units to the Indin Army and Indian Air force of its Trinetra Loitering munition for further trials.

    Hand-launched Loitering munition called Trinetra was developed for 60 million rupees and about a quarter of which was funded by the iDEX.

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    Trinetra Loitering-munition was tested last March by the Indian Army at high-altitude Ladhak region and performance was found satisfactory.

    Trinetra Loitering-munition weighs just 5.5kg and carries a 1kg warhead that can be launched from hand for precision targeting. Trinetra has a range of 15 km and endurance of 60mins with a cruise speed of 20m/sec.

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