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    AMCA Pilots to get Battlefield Management Tablet

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    India’s 5th generation AMCA fighter program will see the adoption of a Battlefield Management Tablet that will enhance the situational awareness (SA) for the Pilot but also provide crucial data points and other technical details of the aircraft that will help the pilot in their selected mission profiles.

    AMCA will have high usage of computing power that will be enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled Multi-Sensor Data Fusion (MSDF).

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    Battlefield Management Tablet will be able to give pilots aircraft health status like the pre-check status of the aircraft before flight or can be used to run diagnose in case of issues with the aircraft.

    We have been told that the scope of Battlefield Management Tablet is not limited as more features will be added over software upgrades throughout AMCA’s developmental circle that is likely to last for a decade before it enters production, but it will start with basic test instruments data collection, flight manual, procedural info to later to more complex usage from weapons configuration details, mission profile, sensor data fusion from the aircraft and other health checks of the aircraft.

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