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    IAF Is Updating Its Doctrine; Evolving As ‘Aerospace Force’ That Aims To Match China In All Domains

    The biennial air show and aviation expo, Aero India 2023, is scheduled between February 13–17 at Yelahanka Air Force Station, Bengaluru, which has hosted it since 1996.


    Hypersonic weapons or platforms fly at speeds in excess of Mach 5 or five times the speed of sound. These weapons enjoy the kinetic energy imparted by speed, but are also manoeuvrable, and thus lethal.

    Army of future: Tenders floated for jetpacks to make soldiers ‘fly’ & robotic mules

    The 12-lakh force has issued preliminary tenders to acquire 48 jetpack suits, 100 robotic mules and 130 drone systems. The Army has kicked off several acquisition projects for different kinds of drones. These include kamikaze drones, armed drone swarms, logistics drones, surveillance quadcopters and the like.

    Why Tejas Fighter is an Important Component in IAF’s Defence Preparedness

    Can the TEJAS fighter aircraft program ultimately lift off at Aero India 2023? TEJAS MK-2 will need a production rate of at least 18 aircraft per year to match "the adversaries' flying

    Army Prepares Roadmap for Infusion of Latest ‘ATMANIRBHAR’ Technologies

    The Northern Command faces the unique challenge of dealing with two adversaries on the borders. The roadmap was prepared at a two-day Northern Command Techno Commanders' Seminar. The seminar worked towards further honing the skills of commanders to exploit technology for future battlefields.

    NSG to procure robots for surveillance purposes

    The National Security Guard (NSG) will procure surveillance robots to reduce human intervention. The four-wheeled day and night robots will be procured by the NSG.

    AMCA Pilots to get Battlefield Management Tablet

    AMCA will have high usage of computing power that will be enhanced with AI controlled Multi-Sensor Data Fusion (MSDF) Battlefield Management Tablet will be able to give pilots aircraft health status like the pre-check status of the aircraft before flight or can be used to run diagnose in case of issues.

    Indian Army looking at Hydrogen ICE Engines for Future Military Trucks

    Indian Army has started procuring electric vehicles for select units and formations. Military Trucks will still rely on Diesel engines to power them but OEMs are been told to accommodate options where Hydrogen internal combustion engines (ICE) can be easily swapped on older trucks.

    Indian Army issues RFI for Tactical Load Haulers

    The Indian Army intends to acquire 300 Tactical Load Haulers for which it has published a Request for Information (request for information)

    India’s first anti-drone Kite (a bird) which can destroy enemy drones in air

    the Indian Army has trained kites to prey on enemy drones. The capability can help the security forces to tackle the menace of drones coming from across the border to Indian areas.

    The Indian Army will purchase 36 tactical engagement simulators for special training of soldiers.

    On December 1, the Indian Army will post a request for proposal for the purchase of 36 simulators. According to sources, the tactical combat simulators would feature body harnesses, helmets, laser units, sensor units, umpire weapons, exercise control and communication systems.

    The Indian Armed Forces will provide a Trial Clearance Certificate to accelerate exports.

    The Indian Tri-Service will issue Trial Clearance Certification to private sector companies that supplied their weapon systems for user trials.

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