Home Space This Indian startup is developing space station technology.

This Indian startup is developing space station technology.

This Indian startup is developing space station technology.

Vellon Space, an Indian startup, is developing a platform that will act as a “micro space station” — providing a “microgravity lab” for experiments and bringing them back to Earth. This technology has the potential to have wide-ranging applications in fields ranging from biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to defence and space launches.

“We are developing two additional platforms or services. “One will allow companies or agencies to launch micro rockets from a high altitude, while the other can be used to place payloads in the stratosphere,” Ajay Kumar, founder-CEO of the company, told TOI. The company was among the first to register with the regulator-and-promoter Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe).

He noted that the company has already submitted a patent application for one of its innovations, and work is proceeding on its deep-tech platform, which is essential for all three suggested platforms. Kumar said that space is an inexhaustible source of knowledge that helps scientists solve crucial problems, but that access to a microgravity environment in space is limited.

The Technology

Kumar stated, “We intend to change this with our three offerings: Vellon Space-Lab, Vellon Eye, and Vellon Orbit.” The Space-Lab will be a stabilised platform for conducting microgravity-based research and production – a micro space station that can assist in robotic/non-human studies.

“It is a miniature laboratory or automated factory in space, around the size of a (Tata) Nano automobile. We are developing a global, end-to-end space platform as a service using cutting-edge technologies. This service can provide India with access to “native” space applications, as stated by Kumar.

According to Vellon, the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, defence research, nanotechnology, and semiconductor industries in India can all gain from this.

Our knowledge of phenomena such as gravity (or its absence), the magnetosphere, atmosphere, and fluid dynamics is higher than ever before. Access to microgravity is essential for scientific investigations as well as the testing and demonstration of future aeronautical technology, and we intend to provide this,” added Kumar.

Indian Private Startup Vellon Space,s Rudra Vayu Air Launched Rocket Rudra Vayu is a customized version of Rudra 1, which can carry up to 25-50 kg of customer payload to Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) and Sun-Synchronous orbit (SSO) at any inclination on dedicated launch.

Rudra 1 Launch System

Rudra 1

Rudra 1 is an orbital-class launch vehicle, which can carry up to 25 kg of customer payload up to Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) 300 to 500 km. Rudra 1 is designed to launch from a high altitude launch balloon. Rudra 1 is integrated with the high-altitude launch platform – Maruti.

Maruti – A fully automated self-controlled launch platform, which can take the launch vehicle above 90% of the atmosphere for both dedicated and rideshare for small satellites especially pico and nanosatellite. Maruti can be reused for the frequent mission as a carrier.


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