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    India’s Top 5 Upcoming Weapon systems Due in 2023

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    The year 2023 will see the introduction of a large number of weapon systems developed by DRDO, HAL, and other linked defence programmes.

    We have developed a list of weapon systems that are now in the final stages of development and are slated to launch in 2023.

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    ALFA-S Weapon Systems

    ALFA-S Weapon Systems
    Alfa-S: Swarm UAV System

    ALFA-S (Air-Launched Flexible Asset) is a hovering swarming weapon being developed by HAL and New Space Research & Technologies. We discovered in 2022 that ALFA-S had successfully completed wind tunnel and internal combustion engine testing. Additionally, a POD capable of housing four ALFA-S has been constructed, allowing testing to begin as early as 2023.

    Nag Mk II Weapon Systems

    Nag Mk II Weapon Systems
    Nag Mk II

    The DRDO has initiated development of an improved version of the Nag ATGM, which will have a greater range and enhanced performance, as well as minor modifications to its launch platform. For the Helicopter launch, the Nag Mk II will utilise some of the technology that has already been developed for the SANT and Helina ATGMs.

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    Zorawar Light Tank Weapon Systems

    Zorawar Light Tank Weapon Systems
    Zorawar Light Tank

    The Defense Research and Development Organization has teamed with the private company L&T to construct the first Light Tank under Project Zorwar, for which funding has already been allotted. By the end of 2023, the DRDO plans to release the vehicle’s prototype, which will be utilised for developmental and user trials commencing in 2024.

    S4* (Star) Weapon Systems

    S4* Star Weapon Systems
    S4* Star

    India’s second submarine of the S4 class is approaching completion in its dry dock and will be transferred to the outer fitment area in 2023 to acquire additional equipment. Even though it may not be ready, it is still a significant achievement because it indicates that about 80% of the dry dock work has been finished and that the submarine could be ready for basin and seat testing in 2025.

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    Tejas Mk2 Weapon Systems

    Tejas Mk II Weapon Systems
    Tejas Mk II

    India’s ambitions to create a larger sister to the LCA-Tejas Mk1 programme are already one year behind schedule due to the late release of money for the programme. ADA and HAL have promised that the first aircraft will be delivered by the end of 2023, but there is no assurance that it will not be delayed until 2024. Therefore, we will stick with the current timeline that the delivery will occur in 2023 and will be considered a significant development in the Indian aerospace industry.

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